10k Referral Fee

We’d love to give you 10K.

Can you personally introduce us to a business that:

+ has an active list of previous buyers (people who bought something from them before)?
+ is currently making above 7-figures/year (ideally between $2M-$12M)?
+ wants to add at least $500k-$1M in the next 12 months to their revenue?
+ you personally know a decision-maker you could put us in touch with?
+ and they’d love not to lift a finger to get those sales windfallls?

If so, shoot us a message, and let’s chat.

We’d love to hear more.

And, if the partnership makes sense, and we start working together with that company – that’s when our 10k Referral Program comes into play.

We’d like to offer you a thank you for a successful introduction of up to 10k from our commissions.

You’ll get 10% of our earnings up to 10K. 

For the right company, this can happen in a single campaign – would take a few weeks plus time to get paid.

And if we need more than one campaign to be able to pay you your 10K (and the partnership continues successfully) we’ll keep growing your share. 

We’re very grateful and love to show appreciation to those who help us reach our goals.

So, if you have a personal connection with a business that matches our criteria and you would like to talk with us a bit more about it, click the button below and tell us “REFER.”

That way we’ll know what you’d like to discuss.

If you have any other questions feel free to reach out and we’re happy to help.

(You’ll chat with one of the founders…)

Pedro Martins


Proud father of two boys and dedicated family guy. Also gets very excited about opportunities to optimize offers and campaigns. Giant fan of his hometown, Lisbon, Portugal.

Marcus Karl


Nature lover and Sales lover – can’t get enough of digging into what makes things flourish and grow. Whether it’s kids, SMEs, or health, he loves to help things thrive and expand.