About Us

The magic of selling on the web is that you can reach people everywhere simultaneously…

Which exposes the darkside of selling on the internet…

There’s not enough personal contact to know how your sales and marketing materials are connecting with your prospects and customers.

This makes it hard to know if you’re selling too much, or not enough… or not in the right way.

And of course, nobody who loves their business wants to treat their customers like a number or leave money on the table.

So while events, webinars, videos, workshops, email, social media (etc.) are fine ways to generate sales and buzz on a large scale, there’s often not enough time and resources to follow up with everyone who needs a personal touch.

Which means that a lot of people that might have bought with a little personal attention, never get to become customers of great businesses.

Recognizing this gap – we formed Windfall Promotions.

To capture that windfall of sales that is often pent up in your audience right now.

Using principles that are technology agnostic we provide a personal selling experience that makes customers feel heard, understood, and empowered to solve their challenges with your products and services.

While connecting to your whole audience.

Co-founders Pedro and Marcus are big believers that great products and services should be the winners in the marketplace – not companies, products, and services that just rely on great marketing.

That’s why we look for partnerships where we can invest our time, team, and expertise to bring you more sales, while we shoulder the risk of finding those extra sales for you.

If what you’ve read makes sense to you and you’re curious whether we might be great partners – please check out our FAQs. And if it still sounds like a great idea, reach out over chat (the link is on the faq page).

Pedro Martins


Proud father of two boys and dedicated family guy. Also gets very excited about opportunities to optimize offers and campaigns. Giant fan of his hometown, Lisbon, Portugal.

Marcus Karl


Nature lover and Sales lover – can’t get enough of digging into what makes things flourish and grow. Whether it’s kids, SMEs, or health, he loves to help things thrive and expand.