⭐️ Why do you have a lake image on your homepage? (You didn’t ask but read this first)

Heard of the book Blue Ocean Strategy? It was popular in the business community around 2010. The main idea was that business owners should go after a unique positioning that naturally eliminates every competitor. 

The blue ocean metaphor was an image of non competitive exclusive market. Your very own blue ocean. This is in stark contrast to the hyper-competitive red ocean most businesses find themselves in.

Well, times have changed, and the idea needs a little updating because…

A blue ocean is still an ocean. Which means it’s not always easy to navigate or handle unpredictable events – like tides, waves, and storms. In business this might look like IOS changes affecting your email deliverability, Google SEO criteria changes that affect your search rankings, rising ad costs, or anything else that could sink your business overnight.

What’s the alternative?

What if, instead of running your business in an ocean with all it’s unpredictability, you could do business in a lake.

Your own private lake which is calm and safe where you’ll raise prospects into leads and then into customers, and the whole time they’re receptive to you building the relationship so that you can help them with the problem that they want to solve with your product or service.

A lake could be an engaged email list, a FB Group, an Instagram page, even a youtube channel- it’s not limited by tech. It’s about human connection. The important thing here is that you have access to people who like you, and you can reach out whenever you want.

A lake is where YOU have control over your business.

Our best clients typically own at least one lake. Most likely, an email list, but there are lots of great lakes out there.

Are you limited to working with email lists?

No, not really.

Wherever there’s a lake, we can help you drive more sales.

It can be from a FB Group, LinkedIn, Instagram, email list, or even direct mail!.

If you have a lake, meaning, if you have a list of people who follow you and buy from you, then there’s a big chance we can get you a lot more sales from those same people.

⭐️ How exactly do you make me money?

We enroll clients and customers into your $1,500 – $60,000 programs, and we do it without any webinars, phone calls, or live events. We sometimes work with lower ticket offers with SaaS businesses depending on their lists.

Although we don’t use webinars, phone calls, or live events, our sales process catches the people that fall through the cracks of most sales techniques and technology.

What we do is create a more intimate selling experience for your audience. Which means we can speak to the problem they’re trying to solve rather than sell them a product.

This approach combined with a personal qualification experience means that you get the right people buying your products and your customers feel that you’re taking care of them.

Do you require money upfront?


We do the investing upfront.

We invest our time, team, experience, and expertise into promoting your services or products.

And, we like to begin relationships with what we call a “first date” or a trial campaign.

This is a risk-free way to get to know each other and see if we like working together. 

We’ll find a way to make money for you while you sit back and see how you like us.

And of course, not everyone is a perfect match. 

That’s why it’s important that we are positive that we can help you. And that we get along really well before we consider jumping into a second date or even a longer-term commitment.

How much do you charge?

That depends on the price point and offer that we’re working with. Typically it’s in the 20-50% range. We DO have an unofficial policy of doing our best to reposition and raise the prices of the offer so that our partner never has to pay our percentage… in fact, most of them end up making more money per sale.

To be clear, we’re not going to ask you for equity, although this may change in the future.

Are there any long-term contracts?

No. We can work together as long as we like working together.

This may be a single “first date” or as many dates as we want.

What if, after our “first date” or a future date, I find out I don’t like working with you?

Above all, we appreciate your frankness if we get into that situation.

Not every date will end up in a marriage or even new dates, and that’s no problem.

Let’s get to know each other. Our first goal is to get you a low-risk quick win while we get to know you and your products better – and you get to know us too.

After that, we can put our heads together with you and see if we want to keep going. 

If it’s not a good fit, we’ll still part as friends.

⭐️ Can you share some scenarios where your service would be a no-brainer for me?

Sure. We can add a bunch of high-ticket sales to your bottom line by doing the work that you and your team don’t have time for.

Do you use any of the following to sell?

Live Events / Webinars: Do you promote high-ticket offers to attendees after your events? Even with the best follow-up campaigns, there’s often pent-up demand for your product that needs a little personalized attention and the right timing for your customers – we can help harvest those tricky-to-reach sales for you.

Phone Sales Team: If you have a phone sales team, then you also have leads that have booked calls and didn’t show up, leads that showed up but didn’t buy, and leads that just never booked a call. All of these people need personalized follow-up if they’re going to choose to buy from you. But who has time for all that? – We do.

Book Promotion Upsells: If you’ve sold a book to someone, and they read it, chances are they’d love to buy something from you. But a follow-up email or 2 isn’t enough for them to make a high-ticket purchase. They need personalized attention at a time when they are ready to buy.

We can help with that.

We can almost guarantee that there are more opportunities to make high-ticket sales in any other circumstance where you’re selling to your audience – especially your buyers. 

Here’s a few examples…

We recently uncovered a bunch of missed high-ticket sales for a partner in the business coaching space. We also added €109k for a real-estate coach in just 2 weeks. And $43K USD to another in just a week.

If you’d like to explore possibilities for more high-ticket sales in your business, let’s have a virtual coffee and see what we can uncover together.

⭐️ How would I explore if it makes sense to work with you?

Glad you asked.

Here are a few things that would help you know if we’d be a good partner for you…

> You’ve been in business for over 18+ months
> You have at least a 500+ buyers list
> You sell multiple offers with at least one of them being $1,500 – $60,000
> You have a spotless reputation, and you deliver what you promise
> You can handle 10-50 new premium clients every month
> (If you’re a SaaS) You have a 5000+ churn list or a 5000+ lower-tier buyers list

If these all (or mostly) describe you and you’d love an influx of sales without lifting a finger, click the button below, and let’s have a chat.

(You’ll chat with one of the founders…)

Pedro Martins


Proud father of two boys and dedicated family guy. Also gets very excited about opportunities to optimize offers and campaigns. Giant fan of his hometown, Lisbon, Portugal.

Marcus Karl


Nature lover and Sales lover – can’t get enough of digging into what makes things flourish and grow. Whether it’s kids, SMEs, or health, he loves to help things thrive and expand.