SaaS Business

If you have a list of 5000+ churned user email addresses.
Or 5000+ lower-tier customers you would love to ascend to your higher-tier offers.
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We fully fund sales campaigns for our partners to help them to reactivate churned customers, and make more sales – We only get paid once you get paid.

Here’s what we mean by investing in our partners’ success (Partners means you)…

We pay out of our own pocket for lead gen, the copywriting team, the sales team, and the entire campaign(s) management.

This means that all you do is focus on delivering your program, service, or product and collecting money.

My team and I love boosting the business of people doing meaningful valuable work. We focus on high-ticket offerings in the range of $1,500 and $60,000. And we specialize in doing it from existing audiences – Instagram, LinkedIn, FB groups, and email.

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Pedro Martins


Proud father of two boys and dedicated family guy. Also gets very excited about opportunities to optimize offers and campaigns. Giant fan of his hometown, Lisbon, Portugal.

Marcus Karl


Nature lover and Sales lover – can’t get enough of digging into what makes things flourish and grow. Whether it’s kids, SMEs, or health, he loves to help things thrive and expand.