As a 7~8-figure Coach or Digital Product Creator…

Are your existing clients missing giant opportunities to get more time, attention, and knowledge from you?
(without you or your team needing to do any extra work!)

Pack your High-Ticket Programs to the Rafters

Right now there are people on the edge of becoming ravenous repeat buyers in your audience, and they are hungry for the chance to work more closely with you.

The problem is they need a personal touch to help them confidently step into your higher-ticket offers…


€109k from a first-date

A recent partner embarked on a first date with us. (that’s our name for a first trial campaign). They made €109k in just 2 weeks from a small list of 720 previous buyers. This almost doubled their best month ever – without them lifting a finger! 

We were really excited to get them a great result, but not as excited as they were… check the screenshot.

Windfall Promotions Case Study